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'My year in music 2016' - ISSUE


As seen, many haven't even received their 'My year in music 2016' through email. Others aren't happy with the result you given us this year compared to last years outstanding statistics.

Why can't you just do some updates and put up My year in music -page again on web browser, just like you did last year (and solve this problem probably more easily like that. BY ONE TIME)?
Is it about the time, money, resources, rush near Holidays? What is the reason behind this?

Cause your customers do value and care this much about 'My year in music' which I think, should be great for you guys.
I think you're wasting loads of effort here just answering one-by-one the same thing you've already told us. Then resending the emails to the ones requesting it, just to notice that this years statistics were disappointment for so many out there. Then people are begging you to do something about it, as we've been using your service ONE WHOLE YEAR thinking we would be getting the stats at the end of a year.
We assumed you would do this, our bad I guess.

Srsly Spotify. I have never had any bad thing to say about your service and then this.
I'm not happy. People everywhere on internet aren't happy. You much likely aren't happy getting this much negative feedback.
You really gonna end things like this this year, saying there's nothing you can do for Us ???

Just why.

Who Me Too'd this topic