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Web Player: How to disable open.spotify.com and revert back to play.spotify.com URL?

Hi all,


I recently cancelld my premium subscription, and since then I've been suffering from a new UI for the spotify web player. This UI sucks to say the least. It also opens URLs through "open.spotify.com" instead of "play.spotify.com" and whenever I try to go to play.spotify - I'm redirected to open.spotify. 


The reason I hate open.spotify is because there are an insane amount of limitations here. There is no way for me to access web player settings even. I've attached screenshots of my account page and the brose page respectively. 


I've also noticed that this is only a problem on Chrome. I tried on IE and it worked just fine when I went to play.spotify.com. This problem has persisted across several computers, and I've observed the same computers going to play.spotify.com on different accounts. It's literally restricted to my account on Google Chrome. 


Any help reverting back to Play.spotify.com is much appreciated.


Thank you. Spotify Account.PNGSpotify Browse.PNG

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