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Lost all my offline files while they were still occupying space on my sd

Suddenly all green buttons turned grey indicating that the playlist was not set to download anymore. Incidentally, I checked the settings and songs to download was set to internal memory instead of SD card. The now useless files were still on my SD card.


Me unmounting my SD card would have explained the latter bug (which I did not do, just dropped my phone, and it only switched off), but not the first one, so I am safe to assume that these things were not due to that. I mean, all my playlists that were set to download are no longer in download mode.


It's quite troublesome that I cannot use the songs I downloaded and have to download them again. They were 7 GB, if not more.


I also don't understand how the download button can delete a whole playlist, which can be up to 3000 songs if I remember correctly, without requiring comfirmation from the user, and more so, it is in such an easily accessible place, everyone can press it accidentally. It happened to me earlier, and it still blows my mind. It is not just a mild inconvenience when you are in the middle of a trip with no wifi around, let's say.


I am a half-year user, and I love the service. However, these simple mistakes make me disappointed with it wholly as they just degrade the enjoyability of it in overall.

Who Me Too'd this topic