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Playlist issue on Marantz SR5008



I have a Marantz SR5008 AV receiver that comes with a basic spotify player which was working perfectly until a few weeks ago. While playlist listing was taking only 1 or 2 seconds before, it now takes up to several minutes before I can choose the playlist I want to listen.

Another issue is that playlist synchronisation between spotify server and spotify player on the SR5008 is now random. I sometime need to logout and login several times in a row before a playlist is available on the SR5008 player while it was instantly available a few week ago.


I have a premium access, the SR5008 firmware is up to date and I tried to reset it to factory default parameter (no improvement). All other devices at home with spotify are working just fine so internet connection should not be the problem.


Does anybody knows what is going and what could be done to improve the situation ?


Thanks a lot for any help you could give me.

Who Me Too'd this topic