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I get a heart attack from Chromecasts "spoken error"

I'm talking about the woman saying/yelling "SORRY! THE MUSIC STOPPED SINCE YOUR SPOTIFY ACCOUNT IS BEING USED ON ANOTHER DEVICE" in a volume MUCH louder than ANY of the music I've played.


This seems to happen randomly and often at illogical times.


Just now it happened the second I connected to my Chromecast. The music started playing and the error voice played on top of the music. How does that make sense?


Turn the audio of the voice down AND let the user disable the voice. It's embarrassing, it's way too loud and it doesn't even play at the right time.


It's especially annoying because Chromecast and Spotify is unstable (something I am trying to get through to Spotify in other threads). When the connection drops regularly I don't need a voice yelling at me, because I'm painfully aware that it's broken.

Who Me Too'd this topic