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Password Not Saving or Keeps Changing?!?!

Hi Everyone,


I am a preminum member and have been so for a while now... but I am now starting to get extremely frustrated.  Every few days I open my spotify app and it says "login/password" oppose to opening right into the app which is what it did for the longest time.


Then I enter my username and password and it says the password is incorrect.  I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that I am NOT entering in the wrong username and password...


so I am force to reset my password and i reset it to the EXACT samething... make note of it and then in another day or so the password DOESN'T WORK AGAIN! I repeat this step over and over and now I am beyond frustrated.


It appears that spotify isn't saving my password....


I login with a username and not facebook...


Is anyone else having this issue? Anyone know what may be causing it?

Who Me Too'd this topic