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Chromecast Audi and Spotify app. Works on 2.4ghz but not 5ghz

Hi, I have trobule with my chromecast audi and spotify. When using my 2.4ghz network I have no issues casting through the spotify app or any other apps. But as soon as I set up the chromcast audi to 5ghz network, I can not find the chromecast in the app, (or any other app). I am using ihpne 5s with the latest spotify software and the latest firmware in the chromecast audio. Problem is that I can cast through google chrome in both the 2.4 ghz network and the 5ghz network, but from spotify or any other app only the 2.4 ghz network.. Any other had the same problem? I want to use the 5ghz network as this is way faster...



Who Me Too'd this topic