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Chromecast Audio won't connect

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I'm using an android phone (Nexus 5x, stock rom) to control Spotify playback on my Chromecast Audio.

From time to time the connection was "shaky", meaning that skip track, volume control etc. did not work for a moment, then it worked again.

Also sometimes it took very long for the Spotify app on the android device to connect to the Chromecast Audio.


Now it has reached a state where it cannot connect at all. I go to the devices menu in the Spotify app, the chromecast audio shows up, I select it, then it tries to connect for a long time but runs into a timeout.


Note that 1) other streaming apps on the same phone (e.g. radioplayer.de) work with the chromecast audio without issues, and 2) the spotify app on the same phone can connect and stream to another spotify connect device (Yamaha R-N602) IMMEDIATELY without any issues.


The Chromecast Audio is on the same network as the phone and has good reception (-52 dBm).

Chromecast Audio version is 1.22.78337

Spotify version on phone is armV7


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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