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Account hacked: People using my account and sending out family invites


I first noticed today that my recent music was nothing I heard of.

Then a few hours later my spotify kept pausing, when I opened my iphone app it asked me to keep playing on "AXEL". Only me and my wife use the family premium account.


I had to sign out of all devices and change my password twice to emove this issue.


However my wife had lost access to the premium account.

When I checked the family memebers, whoever had hacked my account had sent out invites to 5 people and all were using the account. I could not remove them so i had to send new invites to 5 people i know to make sure these people could not use my account.


I am so shocked Spotify let this happen. I am now worried about me credit card attached to the account. I have to contact the bank to have it replaced for peace of mind. It is seriously making me think about leaving spotify.


What makes things worse is there is now to contact spotify directly. I have to write this stupid post and wait for a "RockStar" to get back to me. This is not good enough.


I would like all the family invites removed and a confirmation that my account is in good health again.

Who Me Too'd this topic