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Spotify is completely broken - playlist issues and background playing

Here's the thing. For some reason I can't play from music from a specific playlist. What happens is that the first song I click on plays but the rest of the queue is stuff from my "saved songs" list and it clearly states "playing from playlist - dnb"


And the worst of all is this stupid bug where the minibar that appears after playing a song doesn't load immediately and if you close your phone screen or exit the app before it shows up, the music stops. I have to sit there and keep my phone on for 2-3 minutes before being able to turn off my phone, and it's seriously obnoxious.


Are these bugs on your radar? Any way to download an old version of spotify without jailbreaking my iphone?


I mean look at the attachment, it's clearly supposed to play drum and bass from a playlist called dnb, but instead it queues up some led zeppelin for me??? I've already checked my playlist, it's all drum and bass and I've tried for closing the it just won't play anything at all.

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Who Me Too'd this topic