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10000 songs limit

Just hit the 10k limit today.
Never knew before that there was such a limit. I've been premium with a familial account for over 2 years. 400$ later I figure that I need to start to delete stuff. If i knew in the beginning I would have never become premium knowing I alone had an mp3 collection over 3 TB.

I think that it is ridiculous and the answer I see everywhere is that it fits 99% so Spotify wont boter fixing it for the 1%.

Now this is a pretty conservative corporate answer. When you start settling for the most rather than innovate and you stop listening to your customer voice is usually when you start going down.

Too bad, cancelling and moving to apple music which limit is 10 times bigger.

Anyway it's cloud online streaming! Should be unlimited!! Since you consider 1% of your business is not worth it we will take it somewhere else. Still it's a lot of $ you're spitting on.

Who Me Too'd this topic