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Someone else is using my spotify account at the same time as me.

This is annoying.


I let someone else use my spotify account once. Now this person is permanently logged in through his own facebook least this is how I think it works,


His name and facebook picture shows up at the top of the right corner of the screen whenever I log into my account and it looks like he is using it because more than two third of everything that is starred has been starred by him. It makes it difficult for me to find the music that I've starred my self.


I have right clicked on his name to try to log him out, but all that happens is that I'm logged out and when I log in again he's still there. I've also tried to change my password to no use. So how do I get this person out of my spotify account? I have'nt found any other options than what I've already tried.

Who Me Too'd this topic