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Search Not Returning Results - Jaguar Land Rover InControl Apps




I'm running Spotify in my car using the JLR InControl Apps.


Whenever I use the search function on the car screen and search for a specific song it returns no results. However when I search on the spotify app on my phone the song clearly exists. It returns a result for some songs but not others.


Even songs that I know I have searched for and played before on the InControl unit are not showing up on the car screen. I have the option enabled to display cloud music so it's nothing to do with that.


Any ideas please? The whole point of this system is to replicate Spotify on my screen so I don't have to touch my phone.


There's also no option to view the contents of a playlist and play a specific song. All you can do is start the playlist from the beginning. Is this something that will be sorted?



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