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Device connect problem NAD D7050.

1. NAD D7050 updated with latest firmware from NAD WEB-site. Firmware date : 2013-12-02, version s9575.144.1000.

2. Spotify-app deleted from smartphone Samsung S5 and reloaded. Version

3. Spotify (Version installed on laptop Lenovo Y50-70 with OS Windows 10.  

4. Running Spotify from Laptop:

When choosing smartphone from Device-list, smartphone is green and music are played from phone. When choosing D7050 from devise-list text connecting  is displayed, but no music from D7050.

5. Running Spotify from Smartphone:

When choosing laptop from Device-list, laptop is green and music are played from laptop. When choosing D7050 from device-list text connecting is displayed, but no music from D7050.

6. HELP !!!!

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