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Crossfade option on web player & Daily Mix Q

Hi all . 

As part of my "Research" switching to Spotify or not , I have some questions please :


1. I couldn't find any cross fade option within the web player . I'm using Chrome but checked that already on Explorer and couldn't find such option . Does it exist ? I know it's available on the desktop app and mobile . It would be nice to have it also on web player .


2. Yesterday I got my first daily Mix . I have found some new artists . Does it getting better during use or after a few months I'll start to get the same songs/Artists ? 


3.What's the difference between the heart near every song playing on Daily Mix mode , to the + icon ?  . The heart says "Favorite" and the + says " Added to library" . I thought that every song is added there , no matter if I'm using heart or + 


4. Anyone here used Deezer before moving to Spotify and can share his/Her thoughts about it ? I'm premium subscriber on Deezer 


Thx !

Who Me Too'd this topic