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Endless loop keeps turning on even with shuffle (upon start up)

Hey, this started happening recently. 


I would get in my car, and spotify will turn on to my last song that I was playing but will then play the same song it played previously. For instance, left on song, song A, song B, song C, song D, song E. If I stopped at Song E, and come back and turn spotify on again through my car, it will be song E, song A, song B, song C, song D, song E. It keeps turning on the 1st loop literally in front of my eyes and I can't find the solution. I have a Iphone 7 plus, spotify has never had an issue. But now there is. I really am getting tired on hearing the same songs over and over again. I would have to skip pass all of those songs to continue on the shuffle. Then I get out, and then back in to my car and it happens ALL OVER AGAIN. Please help . 

Who Me Too'd this topic