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Issue casting to Chromecast Audio - music just stops playing


I did a search and found a few mentions but is this a known issue?

I listen to Spotify on the desktop, laptop and phone and have no issues but soon after I start casting Spotify to my Chromecast Audio the streaming stops. Sometimes it will play again after a 10 or 20 seconds, sometimes it will not play again. If I go to the next song it will play again for a bit but eventually the same thing happens.


To test if the fault was with the Chromecast Audio or Spotify I played some Google Music on my phone and then started streaming to the Chromecast Audio. It played without any problems for about 10 songs until I stopped it. So the issue seems to be Spotify.


Just to add, this issue has only happened recently, maybe the last month or so. Before that I could cast all day from Spotify and it worked great.

Who Me Too'd this topic