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Downloaded songs disappeared after automatic logout in Cuba. Songs are still taking up storage.

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So I'm on my third day out of 29 in Cuba. This morning I woke up and wanted to play some of my music I've downloaded on Spotify. It's about 10GBs of music. When I try to go into Spotify I'm logged out and cannot connect because there is no Internet.
So I go to a WiFi Hotspot where the internet is really slow and get a VPN so that I can log into my account again. However, now all of my downloaded music is unplayable. My Spotify app is still the same size and I will not be able to download so much here on Cuba. Data is scarce.
Does anyone know how to fix this? Since all of my music is still on my phone, I should somehow be able to retrieve it and play it, right?
I was logged out of my account without ever being online.
This is quite frustrating and I really hope someone is able to help, or Spotify can fix this, so it won't happen ever again.
Thanks to anyone able to help on this topic!
Who Me Too'd this topic