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New Metal Tracks **Still** Not Updating Properly

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The New Metal Tracks playlist has been malfunctioning now for at least a month or so. New tracks - if they're added - do not appear in any logical order; half the time there's only one or two new tracks added (again, if we're lucky) while the rest of my playlists (Release Radar, for example) and some of those I'm not following do not suffering from the same neglect. This has already been brought up in a previous thread:




No resolution was reached. In fact, the only contact from anyone affiliated with Spotify was the original from MattSuda at the top of the thread.


My Home screen has become increasingly cluttered with music and playlists in which I have no interest, despite much ado about "taste, data, research, and trends." Speaking of, allow me to direct your attention to Spotify's own research highlighting which genre has the most loyal listeners:



As one of those loyal listeners, and a Premium member for years now, I'm disappointed that this playlist and this genre doesn't seem to matter all that much to the Spotify team. Before the outright neglect that's been reported for weeks now, several songs appeared on the playlist that had no business there, like Nickelback's "Feed the Machine." You don't have to be a metal elitist to listen to that song and identify which genre it belongs to, or at least which genre it doesn't. And if its inclusion was a result of "trends" and the automatic mechanisms thereby hinted at, I can only restate how much disregard and apathy that implies toward the playlist and the genre as a whole (a genre that, you will recall, represents one of Spotify's most loyal demographics).


So with all that in mind, I look forward to Spotify correcting this issue. Or - at the very least - posting an explanation in the interim while a solution is reached.


Thank you.

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