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"shuffle"/random function on android is broken to the point of being unusable.

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For some time now (weeks at least) this has been an issue, "shuffle" used to work fine in the past, but has now become entirely broken on the Android app.
In both windows and android apps/programs the play queue has a 50 (or thereabout) song limit. This in itself is a rather ridiculously low number, but I can (barely) accept if that is a technical or performance limitation by itself. Even though it does mean any random list will start repeating itself in a rather short ammount of time.

That said the above is not the pressing issue, that would be the fact that if my playlist has more then 50 songs in it, then whenever I try to activate shuffle, either by the crossing arrows button, or the big green button marked "shuffle", the result is the same. The play que will be populated by a random pick of the 50 FIRST songs in the playlist ONLY.

I have playlists that are up to 1900 songs long, as I tend to sort by genre. This means if i want to listen to a random selection of songs from a given playlist, which is almost allways. (I don't normally care to listen to songs in album order. I wants some variation.) Then as many as 1850 of the songs in my list will NEVER appear. Only a pick of the same few songs on the list. Every. Single. Time.
This particuar bug does not appear in the windows program, which at least picks a batch of 50 random songs from around the point of the song you start from. IF you sort by title, then this pick is fairly random, not by album or artist. that is silly, but at least acceptable behaviour, on windows.
and yes it is a bug. this is a problem. the android app used to work fine, and now it is broken.
The android app doesn't even have the option of sorting songs in a list by title. for some reason (why not? makes no sense.)
I mostly use Spotify on my phone or tablet. often in the car or otherwise on the move, with no access to my computer. I am getting really tiered of hearing the same songs, over and over again. and there is nothing I can do about it. The only viable solution to fix this issue would be to jailbreak my phone. find an older version of your app from a third party. uninstall the present app and install the older one instead. then disabling updates. to be able to return to a point where this was not an issue.
That is a terrible solution both for me and spotify as a company. I should not have to resort to that.
There is no excuse for making the android app shuffle function entirely unusable. Shuffle is a basic, simple, fundamental feature of any music player. A mistake has clearly been made. So re-do, and make it right.
Otherwise I like Spotify, I have been a long time satisfied customer and have been more then happy to have a payed account. I want to give you my money. But this is a dealbreaker. if this issue is not fixed I will have to cancel my account and look for competing alternatives.

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