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Samsung HW-MS650 Soundbar not found on Spotify

I setup my Samsung HW-MS650 Soundbar last night with the Samsung multiroom app.  1st time round my phone sent the wifi details to the soundbar, 2nd time I followed the setup on the multiroom app. Everything worked fine both times apart from Spotify.  I have a spotify premium family membership and when I go through the multiroom app to Spotify it does not show the soundbar as an available device.  I can play music from my phone or ipad through the multiroom app on the soundbar over wifi.  Tunein also works fine through the multiroom app.


Things I have tried so far -

Disconected the soundbar from the wifi and re setup

Deleted Spotify and re downloaded

Deleted Multiroom app and re downloaded

Tried on Samsung S5 / Ipad Pro / Samsung S7 <- all the same, the soundbar can not be found on Spotify.


Any ideas on a fix. 🙂 ?

Who Me Too'd this topic