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Please provide detailed text description of Podcasts in Spotify mobile and desktop apps.

Dear Spotify, please provide a way to show the detailed textual description of podcast episodes from the Spotify Desktop and Spotify mobile Apps. This missing feature renders Spotify Podcast capability useless when the episode name is the podcast number, e.g. The Skeptics Guide #627. The numeric podcast name convention is true for a number of popular long-running podcasts such as "AstronomyCast" or "Skeptics Guide to the Universe". Further the Podcast title field in Spotify does not provide enough room to display the full text description of a podcast. With both Apple and Google you can click on the episode to see the detailed textual description of the podcast. With Spotify you only see the title of the episode and there's no way to obtain more info about the podcast. This situation is so bad you have to use Google Play or iTunes to learn about the content of podcast episodes with the result being you often use Google Play or iTunes (both free) to listen to the podcast instead of Spotify, and then of course cannot use features like Spotify Connect).

Who Me Too'd this topic