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Album not appearing under artist's album list (eg: Hot Chip - One Life Stand)

I've only notice one example of it so far, and it could be far more prevalent, but I have found an album that exists in the system, but does not feature on the artist's album list.


I'll try and explain this issue further using the example:


  • Open the iOS Spotify app on an iPhone
  • Search artists for Hot Chip and tap on their entry
  • Scroll down the entire list looking for "One Life Stand", which you would expect to see it in the Albums section.
  • Notice it isn't there.
  • Go back to search, but switch to Albums (still with Hot Chip as the search term)
  • Notice that "One Life Stand" is present near the top of this list (in my case at the moment, third from top)
  • To further prove that this album is currently correctly registered under Hot Chip...
  • ...tap on the album...
  • ...right-swipe the first track...
  • ...tap on the artist icon.
  • Notice you are taken back to the Hot Chip artist list we were consulting before, and notice that "One Life Stand" still does not feature on this list.
Who Me Too'd this topic