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Latest Spotify release is preventing iPhone Car integration from working


Unlike other users, my Spotify App (on iPhone 4S) seem to work / integreate perefctly with my BMW / Mini Cooper ipod connection.


I have been able to view current song title as well as use the back / forward buttons on my steering wheel.


All this has been working perfectly until (regretably) I downloaded the latest Spotify App update this evening (App:, Spotify Core: Now, I'm having the following problems:


- Song title does not display

- Steering controls no longer function

- Quick control (by duouble clicking the home button) no longer works, meaning I have to unlock my phone and control from App directly

- Worst of all, I can now no longer use my iPhone's own music!!!! as for some strange reason the car's integration can no longer see the iphone's local music!! only way to fix this is to delete the Spotify App from my iPhone, which then enables the car integration to restore itself.


Help please!!!

Who Me Too'd this topic