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Make a statement on Apple Watch support

Casual Listener

This isn't a request for Apple Watch support, that signal has been sent loud and clear by the community for several years now.


You need to tell us what the plan is. If there's no plan, fine, I'll cancel my Family account and switch to Apple Music. We know that you hired the developer of Snowy back in April (https://www.reddit.com/r/AppleWatch/comments/5tjj9c/spotty_for_spotify_aw_is_now_called_snowy_an/) since then, total silence.


If Apple Watch support is coming, tell us when to expect it. If Apple Watch support isn't coming, tell us and stop pretending that it's still coming.


I really don't want to cancel my subcription, I've been a customer for many years now, and I like Spotify, but Apple Watch support is important to me, and I'm tired of the lack of information. I'm giving up.

Who Me Too'd this topic