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message:"User is flagged as abuser"

I created a family plan for my family with a new account and because I wanted
to keep my playlists and friends I decided to invite my old account to family plan, after some weeks using I receave an email from spotity asking me to do an account verification in 7 days, but I missed the deadline and my account switch back to free plan.

After that I sent again an invite from my family plan account to my usual account but when I try to rejoin the plan an error message appears on the screen: "3 - Opa, algo deu errado. Tente de novo." (image attached) and I looked at network request response and appears: 
message:"User is flagged as abuser" (image attached)


Why I'm flagged as abuser? can someone explain me?

Screenshot from 2017-10-16 11-48-49.png
Screenshot from 2017-10-16 11-49-51.png
Who Me Too'd this topic