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Spotify Ipod syncing madness

I've been having a few problems syncing music to my new Ipod touch 5th gen. I am a premium user and have synced all of my music to my computer and yet spotify will not allow me to sync files from my computer to my Ipod, all non local files are being downloaded from the internet. If I try to put either my computer or my Ipod into offline mode I cannot sync any files, including local files that I own, I have to be connected to the internet to sync local files even though those sync rather quickly. All non local spotify files that I sync are downloading at an incredibly slow pace.


Another point that I've run across is that I cannot simply tell spotify to sync all tracks from a particular playlist, I have to create a new playlist and then start to add files, the reason for this is if I try to sync both local files and offline files it crashes my Ipod, I then have to shut it down and restart it to get it to start working again. Another reason for creating new playlists is the fact that Spotify syncs music to the Ipod in the order that it was added to the playlist, not by artist or song title, so I can end up with a very jumbled up playlist on my Ipod and I cannot change the order of songs from within the Ipod.


The most recent issue I came across was when I tried to sync the album "the metamorphis melody" from "Midnasttol", since this is a local album it synced rapidly except for one song,"A poets prayer", this track would not sync at all, it would appear in my playlist on my computer but not on my Ipod. I tried to create a new playlist with just this one song and the same thing, the playlist would show on my Ipod but it was empty. When I checked the artist page on Spotify I found that it had two entries listed for this album. On the first one it showed that all of the tracks were local files, as noted with the small music symbol on the left hand side, all except the track in question, it showed that I did not have it and if I tried to play the track on Spotify I got the message that the track was unavailable in the U.S. The track did however appear in the second listing for the album. I finally got the track to sync to my Ipod by adding the track from MY computer to my Ipod playlist and then syncing the UNAVAILABLE track to my Ipod. This did not create two listings for the song on my Ipod playlist, all this seemed to do was tell Spotify or the Ipod what the song was even though IT WAS ALREADY ON MY COMPUTER.


Can anyone explain any of this to me or give me some helpfull advice to get this to work properly.

Dell XPS Duel core laptop, 4 gb ram, windows vista, winamp
Samsung Galaxy s3
Ipod 32gb 5th generation
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