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Spotify TOTALLY MISLEADING about what devices it supports!!

Before downloading Spotify (did the premium free trial) I did some research, including the Spotify FAQ that states that Spotify can be used with devices such as ipod nano, shuffle and touch. I wanted LEGAL way to get music onto my ipod so I felt that Spotify would be for me. Imagine my dismay when I download spotify and connet my ipod nano only to find out that I CAN NOT synch any spotify music onto it. Only local files that I ALREADY OWN can be used with spotify.


This is TOTALLY DECEPTIVE. Why bother stating that the ipod nano will work with spotify when it doesn't do anything that can't be done with itunes??? Why not make it CLEAR on the web site that you will not be able to listen to ANY spotify music on your ipod nano. Spotify is useless for an ipod nano. I already have itunes--I don't need another music player. The premium service is especially USELESS to me as I do not have an iphone or ipod touch. Thank GOD I did not pay for the service but what about all the others who paid for a membership only to find out after the fact that they would not be able to play spotify music on their device?? 


PLEASE make it more clear that NO SPOTIFY MUSIC CAN BE PLAYED ON AN IPOD NANO! This was a giant waste of my time!

Who Me Too'd this topic