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[WP8] Songs randomly skip to next over bluetooth

Tracks randomly skip when listening to spotify over bluetooth.

This happens on my WP8 app and my wife's iphone 5 spotify app. We each have premuim accounts, and when we try to stream to our spotify music to our bluetooth speakers or to our car's bluetooth stereo system we experience this. 

When streaming Spotify to Bluetooth, some songs will randomly skip to next track for no apparent reason. I haven't been able to find a pattern or common thread, other than Bluetooth. At first I thought maybe "shake to shuffle" or something like that was enabled, but I can't find that option listed anywhere.


I can't say that it's a WPH8 spotify beta problem, becasue it happens on iOS 6.1 as well. Nor is it the bluetooth of my car, becasue it happens in my wife's VW and on our Geneva speaker in our kitchen. Hope this helps, or let me know if I can provide any other information. Thanks. 




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Who Me Too'd this topic