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WP8 Offline Files sync & Car bluetooth problem

I have iMac with Mac OS 10.8.3 running spotify 0.88.450.gd941356 and as a mobile device Nokia Lumia 920 with WP8.


First issue:

The app is basically ok and the playlists show up as they should.


the only thing I have not gotten to work is when on the desktop importing local files from iTunes. I have a few playlists that I have created from the files I own and they work on spotify desktop (and also I can sync them offline to my iPad). 


On the phone, I can only see the playlist empty and cannot sync. The device does not show up on the desktop app at all.


Anyone else having the same issue?


Second issue: When I play music in my car on bluetooth and get a call, the music does not continue to play afterwards (I have to go to the app to hit play) which is quite dangerous while driving and I would prefer not to stop the car after every call. SUPER annoying!!!


Also if I have played music and shut off the car and start again the music does not continue.


Anyone else same issues? 

Who Me Too'd this topic