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[WP 7.5] Spotify: get your act together


Fact is, all Spotify mobile apps are utter crap! Seriously. They are buggy and not user friendly at all. Why such a good PC client but mobile apps that are crap?


On WP it's just a laggy mess. The playlist often lags a lot for several seconds after unlocking the phone. Sometimes the app just closes when playing a new song. It does not close totally but takes you to your homescreen. Then it can take like 10 seconds for it to load again. Just slow and awkward. We can't even fast forward in a song!


How about making a MUSIC PLAYER instead of the crap we got? No sorting options of playlists? I have a playlist with 700+ songs. Getting to the end of that list takes forever.


The sound often stutters and makes clicky noises on WP. This was not the case on Andoid.


Not saying the app is better for Android is has its fair share of problems too.


How can you let your paying customers put up with the crap that is your mobile apps?


Get your act together or I will change service!


Yes. I'm angry. I'm not the only one.

Who Me Too'd this topic