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[Android Auto] Critical bug - seeking track kills all audio. Must reinsert USB



Google Pixel 2

OS: Android Oreo 8.0 (November update)



2017 Audi A4

USB C cables: standard Google one, Anker USB-C cable off Amazon



- Skipping track or changing station kills audio output. Attempting to pause, change tracks, change to a different music player (eg: Pandora) will NOT allow for audio playback. It looks like perhaps the buffer isn't cleared and media strem isn't released (held locked) specifically for music. If I were to make a phone call however, audio DOES work and SOMETIMES will bring back music playback when hanging up.  If I don't skip any tracks and simply just let Spotify "play" in my car from song to song, I experience no issues.



- If I remove the USB-C cable and reinsert it, on this next "session," audio playback can be heard again UNTIL you attempt to seek track / change station yet again.


Other notes:

Pandora DOES NOT have this issue. I have in the meantime switched to Pandora. As a paid customer for Spotify, I'm pretty disappointed.


Reproducibility: 90% of the time


Over bluetooth, this issue COULD still happen but is a lot more rare. I'd say, maybe 10% of the time.

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