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Yesterday when i was going to listen to some music on my iphone with spotify, I was logged out and could not log back in. 
After investigating further, I noticed that I could log in on my account on my computer, even though it said that the password/accountname I typed in was wrong, I could still access my offline playlists. This is weird because If i just randomly typed something as a password, I could not log in, but I could with my pasword that Spotify apparently thinks is incorrect. 

Please note that this is most likely not the cause of all the turbulence surrounding spotify right now, I mean it could be, But I really don't think so, My brother can log in to his spotify just fine, But I can't. 

I've had premium for as long as I can remember, And I have money so that is not the issue, unless its something about my Bank but I don't see why that should be. 

When I try to log in to my account on this site, It just says that my account is disabled (Note that this account is just tied to my facebook and is not my real account, just something I had to do to post here...) 

When I try to reset my password via email, it doesn't work, it just says that my email is not bound to any account. 

I get the error code 410 and I do not know why. This is highly annoying and I do not wish to wait for weeks to MAYBE get a response from your support (Why don't you have a phone support?). 

My account name is: roflrofl 

Maybe some admin here can see whats wrong with my account from that information? If you would also need my email, i'm willing to post that. 

Also, In the case that you wanted to disable my account for some reason I don't know and I can't get it back in any way possible, Is it possible for me to make a new account and take the playlists from the disabled account to the new one? 

Please help me. 

Who Me Too'd this topic