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Spotify iPhone offline syncing issues - tracks sync then dissapear

I am using latest version of Spotify app, premium subscriber, on iPhone 3GS.


I am only using it to sync Spotify tracks, no personal mp3s or anything.


I have sync'd a bunch of playlists.  Now, whenever I try and sync more, it will sync the 'new' tracks, but if I close the app, when I re-open it it is back to only seeing the tracks that successfully sync'd a few weeks ago.  It does the whole "loading" of new playlists that I have setup on my Desktop Spotify that it usually does when I have made new playlists. It has done this for about two or three weeks.


I do not think that I am over the 3333 tracks limit, and I have 1.3GB free space on my iPhone, and the tracks succesfully sync and play, they just dissapear when the app closes.

Who Me Too'd this topic