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Spotify Squeezebox App is a mess

Just switched from MOG to Spotify and I like it a lot so far. However, the Spotify Squeezebox app has a lot of problems... is it just me? I do a lot of listening through my Squeezebox Radio, so this is kind of a big deal to me. Here are some of the things I have noticed...


1) When playing playlists that contain some local files, the app will freeze when it gets to a local file (not available on Spotify) instead of just skipping it and going to the next available track. 


2) The list of playlists does not support playlist folders, making it difficult to find what you are looking for if you have a lot of folders. 


3) Not sure what exactly causes this, but a lot of times when I am scrolling through my lists of playlist, and select one, it takes me to a different playlist. Sometimes it is just off by one (meaning I have to select the one above or below the one I actually want)... other times it seems completely random. Very strange and makes the app difficult to use. 


4) Have also had a couple of cases where the Spotify app game me unauthorized errors or froze completely and caused the radio to reboot. 


Anyone else noticed these issues? Any word on if Spotify is working on some updates?

Who Me Too'd this topic