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Cant connect Spotify to PS4 account

I have spent the last week trying to connect my ps4 account to my Spotify and it doesn't work. I'm not connected to another account with it already for sure. What happened was I had my psn already connected to a different Spotify account but I disconnected it because I didn't want to use that account anymore and I was planning to switch to another one. Now, wether on the PS4 website or on the PS4 console app/quick access to app I just get the error code "CE-35327-0" which apparently means the PlayStation network is busy and to check the status yet every time I check it, it says everything is working fine. No clue what to do, my PSN account is called "Le_Cro_King" and the email I'm using to associate with both my psn and Spotify account is "". 


Ive tried reinstalling the app, anything I could think of but nothing changes.

Who Me Too'd this topic