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Syncing error - "no space left on device"

Music Fan

I recently did a reset on my phone and now have Spotify syncing to my SD card. Music has been syncing correctly but after a while (such as when I tried to sync another playlist today) I get the following error.


"Syncing error


Offline syncing has stopped as there's no space left on this device."


However, there definitely should be space left. The SD card shows 26.48 GB free out of a total 29.76 GB. (That's 3 GB used for the existing spotify cache.


For what it's worth, there äs also 1.1 GB free on the device memory and 3.74 GB free in the internal storage.


I have already tried clearing the Spotify cache and re-syncing everything but the same error comes up after a while. Is there some kind of limit coded into the app? Any what to get all my music to sync?

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