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I have a Samsung A3 2017. When I try to download a playlist, one song will download then the the download stops and the message 'go online to download' appears. Spotify connect does not work correctly either. I can connect to a speaker but the back, play, pause and forward buttons do not work and I have to use my laptop to stop playback.


I also have a Samsung Tablet 4 and playlists download onto that device via the same wifi network without issue. I am also able to download playlists onto my Windows 10 Lenovo Yoga 11. Basically, the issue seems to be only with the Samsung A3 2017. 


I have reinstalled multiple times, cleared the cache, cleared data etc as advised on other threads on this site, with no success. I also have 5GB of space for data as I haven't yet been able to download more that 3 songs.


Can you please advise.



Who Me Too'd this topic