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Spotify plays music, switches songs by itself

My Spotify has had some issues for a while. The first issue is that my Spotify will skip to alternate songs mid-song. Many times it skips to an artist from southeast Asia or India and I have no idea who the artists are. Sometimes it skips to other songs in my playlist.


Sometimes my Spotify will start playing music without my instruction. This can be inconvenient because I have to turn the volume off on my phone and my home computer because music has started playing randomly at inopportune times. 


Finally but least importantly, I follow dozens of playlists that I never selected. I don't particularly care for the music in these playlists but it's mostly annoying because it clutters up my feed and makes it hard for me to select the playlists I want. However, this is a minor issue compared to the first two. 


If anyone can help that would be amazing and I would really appreciate it. 

Who Me Too'd this topic