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Spotify thinks I'm offline unless I use VPN

I'm having a strange issue right now. I've been using Spotify without any problems on my PC, iPad and Android phone until a couple of days ago. It's still fine on my Android phone but on the PC and iPad app, it thinks I'm constantly offline and won't let me connect. On both of them, I'm using my work or home wifi (just like on my Android phone) and there definitely aren't any issues with my internet.


Strangely, I can't even access the Spotify website in my browser, but only when the URL begins with Spotify (eg. or There is no problem accessing for example. I tried to access it in Chrome, IE, Edge and all the same problems. My main browser is Chrome and have even cleared all the cache and cookies etc. but still the same thing.


The only way I found a workaround is if I used a VPN. Then the PC and iPad apps (as well as accessing in my browser) would function normally. Does anyone have any idea what the issue is? I'm presuming it's got something to do with my firewall but it was working fine until a couple of days ago and I can't imagine why it's happening in both my home and work network. Also doesn't explain why my Android phone isn't affected if it's something to do with my network's firewall.

Who Me Too'd this topic