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Spotify please give update on Spotify Hi-Fi

Dear Spotify,


As someone who cares about the quality of the music they listen to, and spends a decent amount of money on a worthy setup, it's important to me to have a lossless source. Until I purchased a system worthy enough of Hi-Fi quality music, I was using Spotify for many years and sound quality was satisfactory for the hardware I was running and the user experience was second to none. 


Step into 2018 where Hi-Fi quality audio is becoming more and more important to many people, who spend £££'s on DAC's and high end headphones and ££££'s on high-end home audio equipment. With streaming just being the most convenient way to listen to music, here is what us audiophiles have as options:


1) A CD player with hundreds of CD's

2) A NAS device with loads of ripped CD's

3) Record player with everything on vinyl

4) A high resolution streaming service such as Tidal, Deezer or Qobuz.


1) and 2) are just not convenient enough options anymore. 3) will always have a place in the lives of many audiophiles but is not ideal for casual listening. So we are left with 4). I opted for Tidal out the streaming services which sits behind Roon so I can control my whole setup remotely from my iPad, whilst still maintaining a lossless source. This is incredibly painful, Tidal's algorithms for finding related music is not a touch on yours, and it's very bias towards the hip-hop. Roon has a great wireless protocol for lossless transmission which really needs to be heard to be believed but it's interface sits on top of Tidals and is not the nicest user experience to find music. Tidal has 3.5million subscribers, 45% of which are subscribed to the Hi-Fi service. Plus everyone subscribed to Deezer and Qobuz and that's a hefty market share you could quite literally grab overnight if you released a Hi-Fi service. You could charge £20 per month for this premium service just as Tidal does and you would receive millions of new (and rejoining) subscribers in a matter of days.


For the sake of the audiophile community who desperately want this, can you please provide an update to the following questions:


1) Is Spotify Hi-Fi something that's going to happen?

2) If so, roughly what timelines are we looking at?

3) What technical challenges are preventing or delaying this from happening?

4) Is there a beta some users can sign up to? Or are people just adding their names to another thread in vein?


I would, along with all others who care about the quality of their music and want Spotify back in their lives, appreciate answers to the above. 




ps. I actually re-joined Spotify whilst travelling a few months ago and it made me realise how much I missed the interface, playlists, recommendations and generally feeling connected to the world of music.

Who Me Too'd this topic