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Why have I never received a pre-sale code?

I've had Spotify Premium for a long time. It's connected to my old AOL email (since it's through Facebook), which I recently recovered the password for. I was expecting to see at least one email from Spotify there -- I've used it for such a long time and have listened to so many artists religiously. However, there were no emails in my old AOL inbox, even from Spotify (one of the few places I'd still receive those emails from). I'm specifically disappointed because I expected to receive a pre-sale code for Car Seat Headrest tickets. I listen to so much of their music every day and have for a long time. I'm definitely up there in terms of their top and most consistent listeners. They're my favorite band and have consistently been one of my most listened to artists for a long time. I even have a tattoo inspired by them! I'm pretty bummed out and feel like Spotify let me down in that respect, since I've heard of other listeners receiving pre-sale codes for bands they barely listen to. Turns out being a devoted fan of music doesn't come with the perks that Spotify advertises 😞 

Who Me Too'd this topic