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Account merged with a strangers, all songs deleted

Being a Spotify user for over 3 years — and using it literally everyday during that time. I'm leaving. This bug occurred today and after a quick search, I've found it to be an on-going issue, affecting many people with no response from the Spotify team.

Today while streaming my phone began connecting to another persons phone and began playing their music, it was impossible to switch back to my own music for more than a second and it was only solved by going into airplane mode.

Then I realised that concurrently, all of my favourited songs - of which I had collected over the years, had all been immediately deleted, and replaced with hundreds of songs from this strangers account, alongside several of their playlists. 

I changed my password and signed out of all devices, but the damage has been done, according to several others who have experienced this issue in the past, these steps are only a temporary solution and the issue persists. 

I am 99.9% sure nobody accessed my account through obtaining my login details, it just don't make any sense the way it occurred. 

I'm sad that I've lost all of my music that will take me some time to recover, but there's no point staying if there's a good change at it happening again.

Who Me Too'd this topic