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Local Files and Spotify Files Don’t Mix When Shuffled

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I realized today that if you have Local Files and Spotify Files in the same playlist together and hit shuffle it will play through all of the Spotify Files in your playlist before getting to your local files. I tested this out by adding 10 Local Files and 10 Spotify Files to a playlist and hitting shuffle then looking at the “Next From:” list. Every single time it will put all 10 Spotify Files before the 10 Local Files. 


This is a big problem if you have a playlist with thousands of songs in it, you will essentially never get to your Local Files without manually queueing them up. You need to fix this, Spotify. My Local Files should shuffle in with everything else, not be segregated to the end of the list. This is really making me want to switch to Apple Music, as much as I disliked the thought up until now. 

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