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Spotify logged me out and won't let me log back in

I went to open my app the other day and spotify had logged me out. No biggie. I will just log in again. But everything I have tried is a no go. I have tried.....

1. Logging in with my email and password..."incorrect password"

2. Reset password and retry....same result

3. Log in using username provided by spotify and every password I have used....."username and password do not match a spotify account"

4. Log in through facebook...."facebook error has occurred"

5. Create an app password through facebook and log go

6. Create a brand new account......"this email is already used on a spotify account"

7. Delete and reinstall latest go


I can log in to the browser version, but not into my app. 

I have tried everything I can think of and have read every help forum I can find. I don't want to get a new account because all my playlists are how I want them. I love spotify, but I am so close to getting rid of it. You would think that something this popular would work better and have better support.

Who Me Too'd this topic