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I've been trying to link my Spotify account to my Sonos but I'm running into some issues. When I try and request a password I get the following error:  "We're sorry, your email address was not available, please try to log out, log back in and try again. If the problem continues, please contact support."


When I go to my account info there's no email address in there. Next to my account info it says "These fields can be edited on your Facebook account page" The problem is that when I go to my Facebook account all the information is in there so I'm a little confused..... I even had to create a Spotify account under my girlfriends Facebook so I could login to the forums. I tried adding a different email to my Facebook account, making my profile public, and deleting the Spotify app under my Facebook account. So I'm all out of ideas.


How can I resolve this issue?


Username: 1215285913

Order Number: 7029871****

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