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Offline synced on more then 3 devices message?!

I often get a message on my iPhone from spotify that I have offline playlists synced on more then 3 devices, and I have an option if I want to save my offline playlists on my telefone the message says that I just should quit and restarts spotify.
BUT NOW TO THE PROBLEM!!: I follow the message and quit spotify with hope that all my offlinemusic will still be there, BUT NO..!! And the other thing is that i DO NOT have synced playlists on 3 devices!!!! ONLY on my iphone!! When I restart spotify all music that I have synced are gone!!!?? WHY?! This is so annoying, and I am a paying coustomer so this makes me so angry!! Why pay if the program, by itself deletes my synced stuff...please help? What to do when even not the steps that I follow do not do as it says..?!
Who Me Too'd this topic