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You're offline. Please connect to the internet...except I am connected!


Have a very frustrating bug. No matter what I do, some parts of the Spotify Android app think I am offline. I cannot load my "home" or finish any searches (although when I hit search, it autocompletes just fine). If I visit a Playlist I have, that isn't saved for offline playback, songs play just fine. 


I've tried on cellular data, multiple wifi endpoints, and also multiple different locations. Nothing seems to fix this (and I definitely do have internet, every other app can access it fine). I also checked my android app permissions to make sure Spotify wasn't internet restricted or anything. I've logged out, deleted my cache, reinstalled my app, etc. Nothing works.  


I like Spotify but I can't justify premium if it doesn't work on my phone :/. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Who Me Too'd this topic