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Sorry, the music stopped since your spotify account is being used on another device

Spotify has recently started playing a really loud message when switching mid song from any Chromecast Audio to another device. This is really annoying as it is at full volume. Is there a way of stopping this error?


Chromecast audio firmware is up to date, as is the iOS 'Google Home' App. 

I can switch between phone and computer with no issue but switching between chromecast to any other device (including phone, computer, other chromecast) results in the message being played. 


I notice that when this happens, it appears that Spotify has not registered that it has stopped casting to the Chromecast i.e. if you check in the Google Home app it still shows that it is casting. I assume this is the problem. 


I have tried 'signing out everywhere' and signing in again but this did not make a difference.


Anyone else having this issue? Have seen a few comments about it on here but no answers!

Who Me Too'd this topic