[WP8] Spotify crashes on Samsung ATIV S & Nokia Lumia 920


Hello community,


I like Spotify a lot and used it on my Android Smartphone with no problems.

Now I bought a Samsung Ativ S and I can't use the Application proper because when I click on "playlists" Spotify crashes while loading the playlists and showing none of them (the pixels at the top are scrolling), showing "Loading..." instead of the name of the playlist or showing the name of the playlist but every time after a few seconds I get back to the Windows tiles (I can't open a playlist, it doesn't react on clicks). When I play a song (the only songs I can play are the songs from the "what's new" tab or songs that I search) the music keeps on playing when I get thrown back to the home screen.

I already reinstalled the App but the problem still remains. I use W-LAN to have access to the server. I restarted my phone after each installation and still can't open a single playlist of mine.


Name: Samsung ATIV S

Model: SAMSUNG GT-I8750

Software: Windows Phone 8.0

Version: 8.0.10211.204

Storage: internal memory

Internet: W-LAN access

Software source: Microsoft Windows Phone Market Place

Software version:

Last updated: 08.02.2013

Number of Playlists: ~1000


I hope that somebody can help me so that I can enjoy Spotify with my new phone. Maybe the developers are reading this or someone can tell me where I could contact the service to describe my problem, because I doubt that this is a bug that can be fixed by the community.


Sincerely yours


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